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Welcome to all artists....both aspiring and experienced!

To quote western artist Phil Starke: "Painting and observing directly from life is the best way to learn to paint, but studying other paintings is essential also. Knowledge about painting and technique has been handed down through history so there's no sense in re-inventing the wheel.... Study paintings to see how other artists simplify shapes or how heavy or thin they apply the paint is helpful in developing your own view of nature. Don't study just one artist, but as many as you can. Look at
how they treat edges, hard or soft. Look at how they see color, do they push temperature contrast or emphasize muted color harmony. Studying the way other artists deal with composition is helpful too..."

With that statement and self-education in mind, I'm constantly looking online for good tutorials and step-by-step demonstrations.  Here you'll find my pick of the best free painting lessons from a variety of professional artists.     Please use our Category labels to search for your medium or subject of choice!

Also check the tab menu above for articles and resources related to selling, framing & photographing your art plus articles discussing color theory.   In addition to all that serious and technical stuff, we've collected a lot of cartoons & jokes poking fun at art and artists! Check that tab for a good laugh! ;-)

I hope you find this tutorial directory helpful.   Comments and feedback are more than welcome!
For our collection of video demos, please visit our companion website Art Lessons 4 Free.
~ Mary         


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