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Granddaughter (following lesson by Robert Hagan), ...NFS

Hi! My name is Mary and I'm a self-taught artist, painting with acrylics in an impressionistic style. Over the years, I've collected a long list of terrific painting tutorials that I'd like to share with you! All are free and include oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, pastels and pencil along with "Studio Notes".

Studio Notes are not painting demos but are tips for stretching canvas and paper, tracing and enlarging drawings and other helpful hints!   Every time I find another tutorial that looks interesting, I'll be adding to the list! If you have a tutorial or demonstration to suggest, please let me know!   I'm trying to make "Let's Make a Painting" a great resource for the best of the best painting tutorials available for free online.

As you enjoy these tutorials, ask yourself what it is about their work that you like as you study with these featured artists....and have fun painting!

If you're curious about my own painting style, here's a few ....

"Clay Pots" from a Jerry Yarnell tutorial, acrylics...SOLD

"3 Boats" in acrylic after a watercolor by John Singer Sargent, ...NFS

"Coming Home" acrylic...SOLD 

"Rio Theater" acrylic...SOLD


  1. Hi, how does one go about watching the tutorials? I cannot find a link that lets me into the listed tutorials.

  2. Hi Julia, I am having some trouble with this new template design but you should still be able to view the tutorials. Go to the HOME page and scroll down to select the one you want to view. Click where it says "read more" or click on the post heading if the post continues on another page. Or just select a category or artist from the sidebar.
    I agree the "read more" link doesn't show up well and I'm going to give up on this template and go back to one. There's just too many errors in template. ....Mary

  3. I have died and gone to Art Tutorial heaven. Thank you so much for this. I have put a link to your site on my blog AND telling all my friends.

  4. Hi Mary! My name is Catherine Mulhern. I wanted to ask permission to use a copy of one of your pictures on a new website I am making that is similar to a blog. What would be the process for that? If you could please email me at cmulhern88@aol.com that would be great. Thank you! Your paintings are beautiful by the way!

  5. Hi as a beginner budding artist I want to thank you so much for your site. So many exciting tutorials. Fantastic! ��


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