Wild Daisies Demo by Vinita Pappas

In this floral watercolor painting demo video, Vinita Pappas paints some wild daisies using a negative painting technique. The method involves painting the background around the white areas of the flowers.

The size of the paper is 5.5″Wx15″H. This is a quarter sheet that has been torn in half lengthwise to make a tall narrow piece, which is a nice format for the tall daisies.

Pappas writes: "In the video, I begin by mixing a neutral color using ultramarine blue, alizarin crimson and yellow ochre. I paint around the white shapes of the daisies, varying this neutral color as I continue. When I get closer to the focal area, I use a darker, more violet color. It is very important to paint quickly because you don’t want to have lines or brushmarks in the background. You can use a fine mist spray to help with the moisture: spray the air above the painting, not directly on the paper."


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