Elephant by Hazel Soan

Watercolor demo
This clip from Hazel Soan's new DVD "The Essence of Watercolour" shows a watercolour speed painting of an Elephant. Hazel uses just three colours and a few well placed brush strokes to bring the animal to life.  An inspiring demonstration of painting free and loose!

The Essence of Watercolour
 "The Essence of Watercolour" is Hazel Soan's new book (with accompanying DVD) that will soon be available from Amazon. (as of today it hasn't been released but may be pre-ordered).

Hazel Soan's watercolors have won her international recognition; now she helps less experienced painters master the challenges of this versatile medium. Encouraging budding watercolorists to be bold in their use of color and brushstroke, Soan emphasizes her belief that tone is king. And by showing how mistakes can be incorporated into a compositio, she reveals how forgiving watercolor can be. Illustrated with glowing examples of Hazel's own work, this luminous book also features easy-to-follow demonstrations of every technique.

Learn to Paint: Light and Shade in Watercolour (Collins Learn to Paint Series)"Learn to Paint: Light and Shade in Watercolour" is another well-received book from Hazel Soan. All painters want to know how to portray light successfully in order to create atmospheric and dramatic effects. Using techniques and tricks specific to watercolors, this innovative resource demonstrates how to create highlights and use color to shape a work’s mood and atmosphere. Invaluable guidelines are provided for beginners to enable them to paint watercolors that are vibrant and full of life and light. With clear instructions, helpful illustrations, and several step-by-step demonstration paintings, this is the only resource novice painters will need to paint luscious, light-filled watercolors.

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