Step-by-step Acrylic Landscape Demo from Tim Gagnon

"I See Me in A Tree" 18x36 acrylic ~ Tim Gagnon
Learn to paint the Tim Gagnon way.   In this hour long video, Tim shows how to paint this acrylic landscape from start to finish.
UPDATE:  Sorry folks, it appears Mr Gagnon no longer offers these tutorials for free and has changed the password.   I'll keep checking and if it becomes free again, I'll post new links.

To access the lesson all you have to do is click on this link:
You will have to enter the password to view video.

Your Password:   free  (all lower case)

If you would like to view on a mobile device or ipad, etc.. please click the link below:

Your Password:   free   (all lower case)

You can download the video by clicking the link below. Please keep in mind that a lot of people may download this video and it might be slow because of the bandwidth. Please be patient. Thank you! You will have to enter the password to download. The password is "free."

Click on "download this video" on the right hand side.


  1. Hello, I cant access the video using the password. Its' : free
    But i couldnt get in. Advice?

  2. Hi Esther, I just tried accessing the video and password is now 'invalid' where is used to be free. Apparently this demo is no longer free. Here's a few others by Tim Gagnon

  3. BUmmer the password doesnt work ;( I love his work, he is one of my favs.

  4. Sorry, apparently permission to access this video lesson for free has been removed. I have no control over that.

  5. does not work, email me the code plz

  6. I sent a note to alex as requested, letting him know that apparently Tim Gagnon has changed the password to all his tutorials and no longer offers them for free.


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