Watercolor Batik

Tuscan Window by Kathie George
Learn how to energize your paintings by combining the techniques of batik and watercolor. A step-by-step demo by Kathie George.

With batik, wax is used as a resist—and if you’ve ever used masking fluid on watercolor paper, you understand how a resist works. The wax blocks the areas that
aren’t intended to receive paint. The materials Kathie uses are rice paper, watercolor and melted paraffin wax. This process isn’t an exact science, so be prepared for mistakes such as unintentional drips of wax and oozing color. Believe it or not, these accidents actually add to the look of the piece.   View batik tutorial here.

Kathie George and this painting were featured in Splash 11 - New Directions: The Best of Watercolor  which showcases the finest watercolor paintings being created today.


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