How To Paint Watercolour White Roses

Demonstration in watercolour by Trevor Waugh: Painting White Roses. A soothing and relaxing video watching Trevor paint "Swan Lake" roses. Loose handling of the medium with no drawing or guidelines ! Accompanied by an original soundtrack written and performed by Trevor.


  1. Hi Mary:

    I just found your blog. You have come up with such a wonderful idea - Sharing painting tips & tutorials with fellow-artists. I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my paintings so I eagerly look forward to exploring your site.

    I'd like to share your blog with my readers.

    Have a great day, Darlene

  2. Hi Darlene, Thanks for the compliments and for sharing my painting blog with others. You've got a nice site at CinnamonPink...I especially enjoyed your "Cool Sites" section. You seem to like painting with watercolors so might also be interested in another blog I just started (because I'm trying hard to learn watercolors myself!)... it's at

  3. Here's the blog post -

    Thanks for the link to the watercolor demos blog.


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