Paint Lake with Distant Cliffs

"Quiet Morning: Ramah Lake" by M.C.Johnson

In this step-by-step tutorial, pastel artist Michael Chesley Johnson describes his methods for painting with a local color underpainting.  Johnson says:  "I want a quiet, very harmonious finished piece, so I try three values of a cool, purple-violet for the underpainting and layer cool "local" colors on top of this, saving my warm touches for the red cliffs."   Johnson gives us valuable advice about using a limited palette and sticking with a value plan.  He says:  "I mark my lightest and darkest areas. This shows me at a glance the range of values I must stick with in the painting. No color will be lighter or darker than these."

The Art of Ann Templeton: A Step Beyond
by Michael Chesley Johnson and Ann Templeton
The Art of Ann Templeton explores the world and work of Ann Templeton. With over 120 full-color plates, the book illustrates her use of materials and techniques, her travels, and her approach to workshops, as well as her take on what it is to live the life of an artist. Primarily a plein air painter, Ann Templeton has developed techniques over 30 years of painting to capture the landscape quickly and to interpret it with her unique vision of color and design.


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