Painting Glass with Robert Burridge

"Art Materials" Bob Burridge, acrylic

Here's a couple of 5 minute videos from professional artist and instructor Robert Burridge, who is famous for his "Loosen Up" techniques.    In these exciting lessons, Bob demonstrates how to paint glass.   Using acrylics, he paints wine bottles, a drinking glass and a glass vase.   He begins by painting the basic shape of a wine bottle and then adds highlights using brushes and even his fingers! Bob shares some fantastic tips useful to any artist having trouble painting transparent objects.

This book first introduced me to Robert Burridge...excellent book for inspiration!
A favorite of mine!


Bob Burridge  DVDs:   "Abstract Painting and Collage" and "Painting Abstract Landscapes and Trees"

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  1. I found you on you tube several days ago and fell in love with your work. I have been asked to teach art at my Church. Your videos are my go to lessons. Love, love, love your work. Thank you so much for your help and time, and teaching.


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