7 Common Mistakes Artists Make

"Pansies in Tin" by Daniel Edmondson, 18x24 Oil

Artist and author Daniel Edmondson has prepared a PDF you can download for free describing the 7 common mistakes artists make that make their paintings look amateurish..plus tips to recognize and avoid those mistakes.  These tips are directed at those interested in realistic, representational paintings.

Watch this short video and then go here to download Edmondson's 9 page handout that he says will help put common amateurish mistakes to rest and give you a good foundation for masterful painting. Yes, it's entirely free with no obligation.   I downloaded it myself to make sure.

Excerpt from handout: 
" How can we always tell an amateurish painting from a masterful painting? I think the reason for this stems from the fact that most people that go on and want to learn how to do representational painting will generally go through pretty similar steps as they learn to paint. When everyone is going through the same process they create similar looking paintings in terms of style and how resolved the painting is. That’s what makes them look amateurish. As they get better and better or progress further and further towards their goal at mastering representational painting they start to refine their values, edges, colors. Then their art starts to pull away from the pack and stand out as a more professional and masterful painting, no longer amateurish."

To get access to PDF you must enter your email address in the subscribe box, but as Edmonson says himself:  "Don't want to subscribe to get the handout and a bunch of free tips?    I understand...just subscribe, get the handout and then unsubscribe right away."   Artist is in the business of selling painting courses on DVD...so, of course, he's hoping you'll subscribe and visit often!  ;-)


  1. I have subscribed multiple times and have NEVER received the PDF. I have been getting your other email, however. What gives? Is this a scam?

  2. Hi Martha, Did you subscribe to Edmundson's newletter or to my blog? He's the one with the free report, not me. When I subscribed to his newsletter, I received link to PDF right away. Could it have been mis-directed to your spam folder?


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