Paint Monet's Waterlilies

Painting demonstration excerpt from the Emmy-Award winning PBS TV Series
"Landscapes Through Time". Host David Dunlop paints "Monet's Waterlilies". David describes the evolution of Impressionism from its experimental beginnings with Monet and his friends -- Sisley, Renoir, Bazille, Pissarro - to its later stage (and beyond) of explosive color, loose brushwork, complementary color effects, vivid sunshine and sensual delight.

David will discuss and demonstrate Monet's painting process as he paints "waterlilies" on location in Monet's carefully cultivated waterlily garden at Giverny, David discusses Monet's philosophy and lasting influence on painting as he pursued sensation with color. In paint, David will present Monet's aggregative techniques and his revolutionary new language for releasing color from the outlines of static shapes.

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