Jungle Canopy, David N. Kitler

"Jungle Canopy"
Follow this work in progress as David N. Kitler demonstrates this large, oversized painting of an exotic scene with a series of 39 photos.  David paints this mural with acrylics using small and large brushes, spray bottles of paint, household sponges and lots of reference material.
Because accuracy and integrity in the depiction of wildlife are of primary importance to him, David travels to where his subjects live. While there, he also gathers as much reference as possible, from actual specimens (fallen feathers, fur, grasses, etc.), to photographs and slides.

David says:  "For me, there are four main steps in creating a piece of art. The first step, the idea, is the most important and also the hardest one."

"In the second step, drawing, all my observations, sketches, specimens, slides, and photographs, must converge into an accurate, yet meaningful image. The third step, the actual painting of the piece, is an easier one. The last step, the signature, is my final stamp of approval."

With the DVD shown here, you can learn intuitive methods for imitating natural textures as David captures grass, bark, feathers, and eyes with methods possible only in acrylic. You get an up-close view of your subject matter as David supplements field photos with three-dimensional reference materials. You take cues from an animal's anatomy to guide the direction and width of your brush strokes.

David has also published a DVD titled Reliable Results in Acrylics: A Medium Demystified  and another one all about wildlife drawing titled Draw with Confidence: From Basic to Brilliant.


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